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USIP Communications was founded in 2012 by a spinoff group of employees from the telecom company Bandwidth.com.

The company was founded to get back to the core values of bundled internet, voice, and support services for the small and midsized business market. We offer 24/7 support because we care about your success.

Founded On 3 Principles

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We have spent the past 15 years building relationships with telecommunication providers so that our customers have options. No matter where your office is located we are sure to have a provider to serve you. Provider selection is important when you need one provider to serve several geographical locations.

Product/speed and technology selection is important because not all locations are created equal. Choose from our VOIP options based on your unique business requirements. Our Hosted VOIP service is reliable, easy to use and packed with the features your business needs.

If our SIP Trunking service is what you are looking for you can choose from our Straight SIP or SIP Enabled products. Finally, you can choose from our Monitoring and Alerting or Fully Managed solutions. Cut cost and select the services that best fit your business needs.



Super Aggregation Management (SAM) occurs when numerous individual buyers combine their demand in a competitive marketplace where the suppliers of the desired goods or services are aggregated and managed. For over 15 years, we have aggregated our customer’s demand with our managed supply to achieve SAM, creating a competitive marketplace for high-speed, business-class Internet.

Through the aggregation of our existing customer base which includes thousands of businesses across the United States, the ability to see prices from all the carriers, and over 15 years of experience in negotiating price directly with the carriers we are able to provide our customers with business-class Internet at the lowest price. Our Hosted VOIP solution helps you to avoid excessive up-front CAPEX expenses of a premise-based PBX. Our SIP options give you an affordable voice service for your current PBX.



USIP Communications Customer Service provides 24x7x365 support from our team of experienced US-based engineers.

Our support staff has extensive knowledge of the network architecture and equipment configurations of every carrier’s network. Our staff has the benefit of a direct line of communication with designated support staff from each carrier enabling us to drive the carriers for faster escalations and resolutions. 

Businesses that choose USIPCOM are able to avoid the hassle of managing multiple contracts with multiple carriers. As a USIPCOM customer, you are able to sign one contract with us and still gain access to all of the top-tier carriers in the country.

We handle managing the contracts with each carrier and will aid you with renewals, adding additional locations and moves.

You're Our Priority

We have an unwavering commitment to integrity, being real, approachable, straightforward, and accountable. We work hard to always take care of our customers.

“I couldn’t be happier with our new office phones from USIP communications. Brian Campbell helped tremendously with transitioning our old business phones to the new ones with ease. I was so worried as an owner with high volume phone calls that we were going to have issues, but the change over of 20 office phones, and two businesses went beautifully. Brian assured me from the get-go that he would make sure everything would be in place the day of transition; I had nothing to worry about, and that’s exactly what happened. In fact, with our new phone system, I had to add more employees to answer all the calls coming in that we were missing with our old phone system. Also, super important, not only is Brian helpful, but their whole team was awesome too! I highly recommend USIP Communications for any company, not only are they dependable, but affordable!"

~ Debbie Anderson
Otay Pet Vets

Meet the Team

Our services are led by experienced communication professionals.

Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Wilkie

Chief Technical Officer


Ed Stewart

VP of Operations

Ernie Jones

Ernie Jones

Operations Manager


Margaret Boyd

Accounting Specialist

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