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Yealink T-20 Firmware Update

Step 1 – Firmware upgrade:

  1. Refer to the following document provided by Yealink:
  2. http://support.yealink.com/documentFront/forwardToDocumentDetailPage?documentId=19#userdocument
  3. You want to download the zip file named:
  4. Then open this document and go to page 41 for instructions on how to upgrade the firmware:
  5. Yealink_SIP-T2xP_IP_Phones_Administrator_Guide_V73_40.pdf (this is on the link above under user documents)
  6. Do not interrupt the upgrade process by clicking on the screen, refreshing or powering off the phone.
  7. Once the upgrade is completed, follow the below steps to provision the phone with US IP Communication’s service.

Step 2 – Configure US IP Auto-provisioning:

  1. Press the “OK” button on the phone to see the phone status, this will show the IP address.
  2. Open your web browser and enter the IP Address into the address bar of your browser
  3. When prompted, enter the Default Username admin and password admin
  4. Click on the “Upgrade Tab” across the top of the page
  5. Go to the “Advanced” Section
  6. Enter http://endpoints1-ral.usipcom.com/cfg in the “URL” field
  7. Then in the Check New Config drop-down field choose “Power On”
  8. Click on “Confirm” button and wait for confirmation of completion.
  9. Unplug the power on the phone and wait 6 seconds.
  10. Then plug in the phone. It should provision at the point. The phone may cycle more than once to complete the process.
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