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Useful Latency Test Tool

Ping Our Servers!

Download PING

First you must download the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Store.

Clear the Settings

You will find defaults already loaded into the system.  This plugin only allows 3 servers to check.  Go ahead and remove them.  We'll add our own.  Click the Blue Gear in the top right then hit the "trash can" to delete each one

Manage Servers

Here is where you will Add or Delete servers to PING.

Add GEO1

Click ADD then enter our GEO1 address.  Hit SAVE

Add GEO2

Click ADD then enter our GEO2 server.  Hit SAVE

Install Complete

Now that both GEO nodes are loaded you're ready to PING!  Hit BACK and let's give it a try

Ping Latency Test

There is where you can test the how well your internet connection is reaching our servers.  If the response times are above 150ms, you may be experiencing congestion on your internet link.  Normal congestion should be below 80ms to us for quality VoIP.  These numbers will help our support group trouble-shoot issues.

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